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Letter to the Audience by TEDxChennai

TEDxChennai stands by the women who are courageous to share their stories to propel the #Metoo movement into our collective consciousness. This much needed yet, unprecedented outpour of generations of silence made us pause to think and introspect the issue at hand. As serious steps are being taken, new processes will emerge to ensure safer environment for women everywhere. Social media has become the standard platform for expression with it being able to reach out to a wider audience than traditional media With new platforms comes new practices and laws. In accordance with the Vishaka Guidelines, we have implemented a policy that serves the purpose of protecting individuals be it a part of the organisation or anyone attending the conference from such inappropriate practices.

As a platform for sharing ideas, we engage with a variety of individuals, who do not work for TEDxChennai. And yet, our platform promotes their ideas and accelerates their journeys. As a first step we have chosen to form an unbiased committee constituting of 50% females, that solely work for the purpose of protecting individuals from such experiences. In case of TEDxChennai volunteers, speakers, and the audience we withdraw the association till the completion of the due process.

We believe in providing a safe environment to not only to our volunteers, but to all the attendees as well, while we stand for swift justice, we believe that no innocent should be unduly punished.


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